Eye to Eye

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The Generation Gap Movie
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There were some great elements to this film and some weaker ones. The tone felt like it was a little all over the place - I sort of thought it started as a bit of a comedy with the campiness of the Eye to Eye host, I really wish the team had doubled down on this in the first half so the sudden switch to the bizarre in second half was more jarring. Probably the best overhead shot used this heat - It lingered a bit long for my tastes, but I loved the visual effects of the blood in the static TV scene.

Really interesting story for this genre. Feels like the generation gap was glossed over in favour of telling a sci-fi story instead, but no harm done. Appropriately creepy and solid acting performances. Really liked the animation effect in the sky and the drone shots. Started with good pace but dragged towards the end. Perhaps too much time spent on the beach scenes at the end, could've benefited from cutting it down a bit for a snappier ending. Overall, a really complete little film.

I’m a fan.

I liked the swing from one kind of film to the next, makes the tone change that much more shocking and intense.

cool ending.

bit of a side step regarding the genre. but it was there.

Sooo first we had a mockumentary comedy which turned into a tech horror which then turned into stranger things!

I was pretty lost. But you had some parts that were well shot, particularly that 360 shot where they all die I thought was pretty clever.


The presenter of the show “Eye-to-Eye” seeks to help a couple of generationally different family members improve their relationship.

Not a bad set-up here, done in mockumentary/TV show style that makes sense until towards the end. Who is filming then? It does take quite a sinister turn and we are treated to some cool practical and digital effects. The ending is long, long, long though and could have been chopped down without losing anything.

This film took some turns with Great special effects, I was kind of expecting a person to take form at the end or even a voice might have helped give it a clearer story and end

Liked the twist. Very cloverfield feeling

Thicken up that blood!

Cool ending

Alexander Jones
city manager

Such a cool film! Nearly made our shortlist (probably ended up at number 26 or 27 on the ranking), ultimately though we felt it was mainly only notable by the strength of its ending.

What an ending, though! I disagree with everyone complaining that this film tried to ignore its genre, I think it's a really cool spin of the concept of a generation gap, hahah, a relationship between a mortal and an immortal inter-dimensional being really does tick all the boxes.

The effects were really awesome, and the camera panning to reveal all the onlookers had collapsed in the same take we'd seen them walking around in, was super awesome.

If the film had been a little more tonally consistent, I think it would have been stronger. The opening with the TV show kind of felt like it was only there as an excuse to dump all the exposition right up top. I think I'd have preferred if we'd seen the strained dynamic between the father and the son play out without the TV show.

Great job Cactus?

TITLE REVIEW: Eye to Eye is alright, I guess its referring to the TV show only though? Or is there a double meaning in there? Everyone's eyes bleeding at the end?


I am going through all the 2019 films in the screening room and reviewing, this one created a headache because the title in the screening room was "Eternal" not sure if this is your fault but it's something that should be fixed. Anyway it was a cool little mockumentary that took a weird dark turn and then got bloody. Not sure I completely understood everything but it was fun anyway, kind of channeled the Donnie Darko spirit.