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The Science Fiction Movie
Christchurch > 02

Sucks about the DQ - I was looking forward to this one since your strong showing in last year's heat. Split screen worked well, and this was my pick for best use of wind element this heat.

Nice idea with the smart drug. Loved the night scenes of the city centre walk!


The creation and theft of a drug/device to make people PHD smart causes problems.

Good use of ULTRA to tell two sides of the story. However, the main story is really just tell, tell, tell so we get bogged down in exposition. Acting is solid and visually it all looks great. The 4th wall requirement for ULTRA is proving a bit problematic overall and seemed out-of-place in this. Obviously a strong team that produce great looking shorts. Better luck next year.

High production value and performances as always. Good use of the split-screen element, some really excellent moments of story telling between the two. There was a lot to explain to the audience, and the majority of the film was spent doing this. Storyline didn't feel as complete or full-circle as I would've liked, but over all a solid effort for a sci-fi film.

aww guuuyssss I really liked what I saw here I just wish there was mooreee.

The split screen was generally handled really nicely although I got a little lost at a few points. Also the motive of the tech whizz giving the chip to the lady and not the guy confused me a bit too.

This looked beautiful and the concept was well on it's way to being fantastic but it sadly fell a little short. Hope to see you guys come back strong next year.

between the genre and the ultra this was a great effort. but it fell short upon completion.

I struggled to follow what was going on. or how it all tied together.

but that might have been because I was so distracted by those incredible shots of the Christchurch CBD at night in the fog. WOW. between the fog and the neon lights those might have been some of the most striking images ever put together for 48hours.

Ultra has royally fucked a lot of teams this year. and while this team largely made the most of the split screen section (although it did play as mostly confusing to me) the 4th wall break really didn’t work for me. so I’m gonna chalk up most of what didn’t work for me here to ultra. the story that I did follow was cool. and without ultra it probably would have been a cool concept and take on the genre. pity about the DQ. better luck next year team!

Great production quality easily the best in the heat as you would expect from an experienced team, maybe i didn't pay enough attention to the bottom split for most of the movie but it seemed under used most of the story was just told to the audience there was no real character development, so far a few ultra teams broke the 4th wall as the end of the film I believe this is the easiest option and it would have been better if it was done in a more clever and unique way

Alexander Jones
city manager

This film took me a couple of watches to fully understand, but that's not necessarily a detractor.

I think the sum of the film's parts are great here, the acting, the cinematography, the premise- they're all great but I'm not sure they worked together well enough to make a film which was 100% coherent.

Apologies if this is a little harsh, it's just I know you're capable of soaring in this comp! I hope to see you back next year, Blood and Bone! Love your work.

TITLE REVIEW: PHD is cool, I like that the drug is named this, and it's the obvious title for the film.