WTF AJ, you said we could have a 100 word title!

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The Secret Identity Movie
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Funny film! Loved the costumes and the dummies. The ripping off of the body parts was hilarious. The split screen of the guy watching the TV was clever.

Erik Nally

Just. Classic. Needed more Naruto running


So, a guy watches a promo for the latest blockbuster film "The Dastardly Adventures of Scat Maniac" - a Z Grade film if there ever was one.

AAMO always go 100%. Fight scenes, chase scenes, mad-cap costuming, gross-out humour and more high-energy stuff. Things did get a tad repetitive in this but doing a reaction split-screen was a good strategy for ULTRA. Nice to see some stock footage used effectively and the real person/mannequin transitions worked great.

Big response from the audience who love this shit.

Really enjoyable and entertaining. I appreciate that AAMO go for the audience laughs and the entertainment value rather than perfecting production value. I would've liked to see the second screen a little larger and with more reaction from the guy watching the trailer. Bizarre, out-of-the-box and fun as hell.

Well frick.

Fooking weird as shit. but you know that already

interesting take on ultra, bit of a cop out but I would have dodged it too.

fun and funny use of stock footage. hilarious costumes.

great jokes and use of the mannequin. the arm ripping off thing was funny, and the stroking the mannequins face with its hand was hilarious.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much! These are the films that make 48hours so epic. It’s hard to review this in comparison to some of the other amazing films. For what appeared to be a film just for laughs - brilliant.


WTF Lol loved this movie.The costumes were very cool.And it was just a very busy movie awesome work guys.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Very ON BRAND for Aaron's Anal Massage Offer.

After seeing your film last year, I was anticipating something similar to this. Still.. maybe it would have been nice to be surprised ;)

Of the two, I feel Cooking with Semen captured the manic spirit of this kind of 48hour film a little better.

Last year I challenged you to make a film with a title that's 100 words long, so if I give you another challenge for next year, will that be taken as a mission statement? Hmm, what to choose. What does an Aaron's Anal drama look like? What does it look like when you guys try to go heartfelt? I'm a big softie so something a bit more sentimental might be the way to my heart.

Either that or make an entire film that's one take, and the characters are all naked but their genitals are always hidden by strategically place bushes or pieces of furniture.

I feel like I'm playing with fire here.

TITLE REVIEW: What can I say? Your unofficial 100-word long title is hilarious. I love it. Your official title is maybe a little esoteric and self indulgent, but I'm a pretty self indulgent guy and I'll admit it strokes my ego to see my name in a film's title. Maybe next year my name can be in your team's name? Starting with AJ would still probably land you in heat 2 ;)

Fantastic, but a little too sloppy to be a truly hot mess

Ramp up the intensity. There were a lot of good ideas, but I feel like you only took things to 7, when you should aim for 11.

Dream bigger!