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1. Terra-Fried
by I Love Loops
6. P.A.N
by Mice on Screen
2. The Drop
by Dogs Breakfast
7. Lasting Moments
by AC
by Cold Blooded
8. tips
by Cool Story Bro Film
4. Like Nobody's Watching
by Chillybox
9. Double Date
by Filmsplats
5. The Passenger
by Grand Cheval
10. Hart & Soul
by Chess Club

Bay of Plenty

by Willow Studios
4. The Speech
by Adam Levine Da Loca
2. Best Hardest
by Frances Berkers
5. The Sorcerer's Cake
by Never work with animals
3. Grapes with Wrath
by Matua Movie Hub
6. Bless You
by Wildcats


1. Night Shift
by Bork
6. No Bromo
by Cereal Killers
2. Stopping World War II
by Toot Toot
7. All Hallows' Eve
by The Brothers Boyce
3. Cut
8. Catman and Robyn
by South Jersey Ghost Research
4. A Familiar Feeling
by Snack to the Future
9. One Last Dance
by Dolphin
5. That Time of The Month
by Dragon V Mouse
10. Inflamed
by Team Moon


1. Son of a beach.
by The Down Low Theatre Co
6. Spylent Night
by The Happy Little Peas
2. Big Boys
by Watson and Cricket Productions
7. Isaac and the knife
by Homespun
3. Pain In The Neck
by Green Cats and Diamonds
8. A Grave Occupation
by The House of Hapsburg
4. Meeting!
by Remarkables Reel Productions
9. The Find
by Mushroom Risotto
5. Youth-emisms
by Bus of the Undead
10. The Malthus Trail
by Magnificent B


1. Paradise Forbidden
by Cowps Productions
5. Darwinism
by Moocherella
2. Sigh School Musical
by Re: Pete
6. Kaiti Vice
by Handsome Knights
3. HNHS Final Frontier
by Whoops
7. The world needs laughter
by Vertically Challenged
4. The Noise Of Life
by Kratos
8. Kaiju Online
by Team Indeed


1. Pareidolia
by Ham East Bad Boys
6. Gone South
by Big Nibba Productions
2. Lasting Impressions
by DF-10
7. Shazzo
by ClusterDuck Pro-duck-tions
3. Broken Passage
by Cold Gravity Productions
8. New Zealand Survivor
by Just Some Dank Jacked Bros
4. Daddio
by Reneel Singh
9. Listen
by Space Invader Films
5. Knock, Knock...
by Muddy Brilliant
10. House Sitting
by Banterlops


1. DopeMonkey Live
by Pastafarian Productions
6. Maumahara Tonu
by Flamingo Films
2. 40 Candles
by Spacies Crew
7. Who's Bob?
by Team Bob
3. I've fallen in love and I can't get up
by Through the lens
8. A Change In The Weather
by Bread and Butter Productions
4. A Slip In Time
by Currie Street Creative
9. Change Is Good
by Meisie Krag Production
5. That Time I Killed My Brother
by The McTroubleMakers
10. The good. The bad. The ugly.
by Grazed Knee Productions


1. Red River
by Drive-thru
6. Apollo 69
by Qualified Tim
2. Henry's 21st
by Raw Washed Arabica
7. Private Invasion
by CREW 36
3. The Wind in your Heart
by Lipstick Boys
8. Unforgettable date
by Mamas Soup
4. Girls Night
by Dusty Sundays
9. Past-it Notes
by Decile One
5. Sims 3 Generation Expansion Pack
by MIC335 Jive
10. Plant
by Couch Kumara