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Title: The Easter bunny gets destroyed by a huge bowl movement

the beeped out swear words made me laugh.

I cant really remember what happened in this film. something to do with the Easter bunny quits so they have to interview new people for the job? then it happens again

the soundcloud reference was the highlight for me

Congrats on your unofficial award for best title in ChCh :')

I was totally lost on what was happening and why but my god I had a good time watching this. I think you were recruiting a new easter bunny and the winner was someone post malone like? I dunno, I loved it.

at times this film was difficult to hear but overall was fun


Easter Bunny gets destroyed and they interview for a new one.

Probably could have been wrapped up in just over a minute and still delivered an impactful film. The interviews dragged on and were very same-same. If you'd concentrated on the part where the Easter Bunny got destroyed by a huge bowel movement you may have been on to something.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A big load of silly fun.

While your film was difficult to follow and a mess in the technical department, it was impossible not to laugh at the juvenile antics on screen.

Soundcloud rapper was great.

TITLE REVIEW: Easter Bunny Gets Destroyed By a Huge Bowel Movement is so delightfully immature and exactly the kind of thing I want to see in 48Hours. My favourite title of the year.