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A guy decides that "today is the day". He kills a young boy and other things go wrong so he travels back in time to fix things.

A little all over the place but had a few highlights such as the song lyrics and the attempt at creating a news report. I enjoyed how going back in time just made the past black 'n' white. Nice.

Weird AF

Humorous in it’s own way.

pretty messy though.

you punched a kid off a swing.

The story was quite unique and could have been clearer, the opening song had very heavy bass consider the environment it plays in might not always be ideal, an interesting take on the genre with literal time travel being an important feature, the black and white change was good if it was meant to be a nod to classic cinema you might want to check the travel dates a bit more (this also apply to mr rump) is there a reason the film title wasn't said in the final shot ? i think it would have been good

The 48 Hours is all about having a fun weekend. Especially for the school teams. Get the feeling this team was having fun throughout the weekend and it translated with some funny gags here and there. That said, it was a bit all over the place as this team probably knows. Swing bit was funny and cruel though.

Alexander Jones
city manager

The editing when the main character punches (stabs?) the kid off the swing is something to behold, and I didn't even see the cut the first time I watched it.

You got the foundations of the genre right, but if this really were a Wrong Place/Wrong Time film, we should have been following the witness to the crime and not the murderer himself.

I actually thought for a second that the witness was the person who delivers the package to the killer later on in the film. Now that's wrong place/wrong time.

I don't know how I feel being asked to accept a bad guy as my protagonist. It's important for the audience to somewhat like/identify with your main characters.

Not really understanding the character's motivations in the beginning lead to me finding the ending with Mr. Rump very bizarre, but it looks like you guys had fun with it so I'll give it a pass for now.

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