The Lady in the Lift

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A new company intern is infatuated with her cool CEO.

I thought this was quite a mature effort that looked good and had convincing performances. I also thought the story was quirky and well constructed. If you filmed this at a school, you did a great job of masking that fact. Audio is still something to work on for you as it was quite hard to pick up dialogue at the start of the film.

Funny, engaging and picked up my personal audience favourite. Loved your team intro too.

Spent the first half of the film quite confused. but by the end most of the major pieces had fallen into place. (although to be honest I’m still a little confused by what the ending meant) I followed the story, but not the plot, if that makes sense? I’m sure it doesn’t.

well made film over all, the storytelling just needed a bit more clarity.

24 year old CEO who’s sick of this shit was the highlight for me :D

Holy crap when the lady lift voice started going 'off script' that totally threw me off I thought that was just brilliant.

You had some good moments between the characters, possibily lingered a little too long on the whole 'omg I really like you but I'm also awkward' stuff.

I can't decide whether the girl getting arrested was too much or too perfect.

also your team intro was...yea

The film had a good story and was well shot at the start some of the background volume was overpowering the dialogue the very end seemed slightly over the top 'crime' a your fired vibe might have given better resolution to the character relationship, I think it will have a shot at best school team

Alexander Jones
city manager

Probably my favourite film from heat 1 but I might be biased because team geese like to sneak presents into their USB envelopes which makes me happy.

I think what sets this film apart from a lot of school films is that the story is 100% clear the whole time. I understood the characters, the situations and how those two elements were woven together.

I have a feeling in a few years, after upskilling in the technical department, team geese may very well be a team we see making it to the finals. My main advice would be I would like to see you guys take on a film with a more high stakes story, take me on an adventure. While this film achieves a lot of things, I do think geese are capable of telling a story that is a bit more interesting and complex.

TITLE REVIEW: The Lady in the Lift is very ominous, but I like how it fits into the movie.