Best "Friends"

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The Opposites Attract Movie
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Two girls with opposite interests keep banging into each other. (literally)

An earnest effort here that was let down by a few audio issues and at times none at all! The general story idea is good but would have benefited from being a bit faster paced and having more interesting, authentic sounding dialogue. Next time give more time to your script and cut out any redundant or bland dialogue that doesn't move your story along..

Good job!

some pretty funny moments here. (perhaps not all intentional though)

the concept was simple and to the point. the storytelling was clear and straightforward.

the dialogue was bizarre, but this was my favourite part of the film. the phone call that clearly had no one on the other side of the line was hilarious.

off to the mall (but they’re in the middle of the country) was also pretty funny

‘maybe when I die’ was the highlight for me.

good effort!

I think you guys had a good concept here, would have been cool to see even more 'opposites' between the characters just to really drive that point home. Nice job overall team.

A cute story the best note is better audio it can be quite jarring to go from no sound to bring in audio only when there is talking and some sound effects would have helped the crash

Alexander Jones
city manager

This is clearly a team with an understanding of basic story structure and how to incorporate the genre and its tropes.

Inconsistent sound and technical gaffs aside, I feel what really needed building upon in your film was the story beats.

It's cool that the two girls are opposites and become friends, but I thought the decision to try out each other's lifestyle was somewhat unmotivated.
It could have been interesting for the make-up girl to be forced to run in order to catch the bus to the mall in time? Or maybe the sporty girl has a fancy birthday party to go to and so she needs to wear make-up?
As it stands they just sorta decide to give it a go, which removed any kind of conflict or character growth or learning. Characters need to go through some semblance of a struggle before they undergo a transformation.

TITLE REVIEW: "Best" Friends is interesting because it implies they aren't actually friends, but really their friendship isn't put to that much of a test after all.