One Last Dance

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The Musical OR Dance Movie
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Two rival freestylin' dancers compete against each other one last time.

ULTRA entry so split screen came into play which for the most part was well handled and consistent. Personally, I think I'm going to struggle with one aspect of split-screening this year that was evident in this film - namely splitting characters in the same scene who are talking to each other. I just don't see the point. It looks like a normal conversation scene but it's split down the middle. It unfortunately doesn't bring any new perspective into play. That said, other use of the ULTRA element worked nicely especially during the dance off. This was complimented by some funky dance moves which produced some good laughs.

Well done for taking on ULTRA and musical/dance in the same year.

Pity about that DQ :(
some super impressive editing. generally very well constructed. and the ultra format worked well for the film you chose to make. especially in the dance sequences.

the two shot of the characters eyes in close up was the highlight for me.

not sure i caught the 4th wall break. but shit, ultra was hard this year, and you guys also got dance musical so you where pretty much set up to fail from the get go huh?!

good job!

Edit: looks a lot like the team is reviewing their own film on here

Hot damn this was a freaking good time. You guys rose to the challenge of Ultra and - while in places a little messy - I reckon you guys pulled off something quite charming.

Also while watching this you guys were sitting right behind me just loosing your absolute shit and I loved it.

well shot as expected from team dolphin there were some sound levels inconsistent at points and the second cam not always very interesting or dynamic but when it was it was great, there were good parallels between the characters at points and the entry of the third person played well with the split screen use that had been set up it seemed it end in a rush shortly after that point

The surprise I got when I saw Dolphin's name in the school heat again, I don't know what you guy's did to pull that one off but I have to admit, I'm glad for it. Gutted about the dq, but that's not the first run in this team seen with a dq before. I'd usually be more harsh on teams that miss the hand in(especially veteran teams) but having seen the film, it's clear that ultra was really challenging for you guys. Firstly the lack of a really great team tag was the first red flag that this was a tough year for you guys. Not to mention dance film and split screen. But let's all be honest here, Dolphin know who they are and know what they deliver. This was by far and away the best film of the heat. Whether or not it's better than their last entry with the rappers is up for debate. You guys could've easily fell into the back to back same genre trap and make basically the same film as last year but you chose the hard route and did it really well. The inclusion of so many shots on screen was bold and it paid off. That's a lot of shooting and a lot of planning. Your trend of listening to past years criticisms and getting better was clear again. This was a dance film. Not a "hardly a musical". You were playing age appropriate characters, not a 17 year old business manager and film director. It too, paid off. Dolphin was ambitious. The story was tight, and crisp. The range of different characters and their actors made for a really awesome contrast. Costumes, dialogue, theme songs, dances, personalities. It all made for some really good story telling. As we expect every year with this team. Cinematography was as always, the best in the heat. Audio this year wasn't as sharp as it usually is but I'd put that down to time.
I said it last year, but it's even more clear now. Dolphin for the past 5 or so years has been the bar that all other school teams are shooting for, or at least should be. The internet dating one, the one with the brothers, last years Versace Flows. The "Dolphin" legend is very real and if this year is the last time we see Dolphin in the school then you've easily left behind the best record for a school team. Still the only ultra school team to my knowledge too. Gutted about that dq. This would've been almost a shew in for best school team in my opinion. But congratulations about all you've done Dolphin. I'm sure we'll be seeing more big things from these guys for many years to come.

Super enjoyable and professional short in the school heat. Ultra gave them split screen which they didn't hide from at all. Some really fun and competitive characters with a simple but clear story. Music was great. Costumes were fun and the acting and dancing brought it all together. Guessing the challenges with ultra and dance were too much but otherwise some really good work from a school team.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I swear you guys have been a school team for 10 years.

It was really cool to see you dive headfirst into Ultra this year, as opposed to the baffling decision of avoiding it last year with that loophole.

A lot of work has gone into this film's editing, and as far as overall package goes, I think, had you not been disqualified, this would have probably been one of the audience favourites.

The story was pretty basic, I would have liked to have seen you all attempt something with higher stakes, or something a bit more serious. What does a serious film by Dolphin look like?

I've heard you guys aren't returning next year, which is a shame, I hope Dolphin returns in some form or another in the future. I enjoy your moxie and your presence in the community, and while I think you still need to improve your tech set up and storytelling, you're a tentpole team in Christchurch for sure.

TITLE REVIEW: One Last Dance is quietly poignant. Well done.


I am unashamedly bias in my rating even though you were dq - you are winners. Dolphin have been in this competition since some of them were 10-11 years old due to the fact that Ao Tawhiti is an Area School, we go from Year 1 to Year 13. I have loved being their film teacher for a few of their years and very glad that some of them are going on to film making courses or continuing to inspire at our school as senior students or teacher support. Such an inspiration that one of the Taniwha Road girls REALLY wanted to be a Dolphin this year but had to settle in organising her own team, lol.

Love to have always trusted Dolphin to produce stylish, quirky films that entertain ALL ages!!! This year was no different. You all never failed at impressing me even though I was never allowed to give any direction during the competition weekends because of your determination to ALWAYS do everything yourselves even when it was bad...badly funny... OMG. I was only ever allowed to just support by making sure registration was paid and unlocking school buildings but I loved that too. I will always be proud of you boys (& girls) and look forward to my Dolphins swimming with the Gorilla again as adults in te ao tawhiti (the distant world of the future) ..... ;)