The Run

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The Coming-of-Age Movie
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Teens face not only a curfew but constant monitoring from above. They challenge each other to be defiant by completing something "The Run".

I have to admit I got a little lost in what the purpose of the run actually was and that it only amounted to running from a building, across a field and back again. Whether it was a right-of-passage or as I suggested above an act of defiance I'm not 100%. It started strong with a pacy action scene and combined some nice visuals with strong music choices. Nice use of a gimbal too for your obligatory school corridor/locker room shot. Strongly acted and showed evidence of careful planning.

Well done!

I couldn’t follow the exact plot, but there was enough to get the story.

pretty strong film overall, well shot, well acted. generally very well put together.

respect from me doing the Dystopian genre.

I have a pretty minor note to make about reframing for widescreen. if you’re going to crop for widescreen. you owe it to yourselves to also reframe those shots. there were a few instances of the framing not quite feeling right, when i suspect they were framed corrected when initially shot.

all in all a very solid entry. the locker room gimble shots were a particular highlight.

lol drones.

Congrats on audience favourite! Well deserved, you guys had some beautiful shots and fantastic editing. Particularly your opening scene was really great, tight editing created some awesome tension. You also did a great job establishing that high school feel with some awesome shots in the locker rooms. The story itself left me with a couple of questions, I think I understand that the run across the field was some sort of trial that the girl had to overcome - but was the punishment of failing really death!? or have I missed something? Was that opening sequence a dream or a memory? I mean somebody died right?? Maybe I have to watch it again...

Overall another solid effort from you guys, also shoutout to Asher's parents for their little cameo - you're all well on your way to Hollywood!

Well shot with nice overheads and effects a tighter edit would have given the movie a better pace, I don't know if the peer pressure vibe was an appropriate take on the coming of age genre but overall an enjoyable movie

A classic 48Hours tradition... If someone in the team has a drone, you use it. That always gives me a good laugh. A lot of good work here with The Run. Cinematography was a treat, was one of the better shot film in their heat. The shot through the school, enough said. Terrific camera work team. That was about where the coming of age genre felt most at home though. When you think of coming of age films you think of Stand By Me, Juno, Superbad, The Breakfast Club. The Run felt more at home as a dystopian and there's nothing wrong with that as the films tone was consistent but still, important to remember to use your given genre as much as you can. The plot was very vague at best. Really wasn't clear why any of the characters were doing what they were doing or what the stakes were to make any of us care. Was the tension all coming from the Anakin, Revenge of the Sith type dreams or was there some type of actual punishment? Very very ambiguous. But I think this team knew that and made careful consideration in their planning and acting and I do think this team was probably the best option for winners of heat one outside of another teams disqualification. You were lucky to be held up by the use of drones and gimbles but I'm not sold The Run would hold up that wasn't the case. You guys have a lot of potential. Stick at it. Keep working on your genres, story telling, production, and you guys could possibly see more success.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I had a bit of trouble following this film's plot.

There's clearly a lot of storytelling and world building going on, so feel accomplished on that front. I just don't think I quite got a handle on it. Which is a tricky criticism to give because having no exposition in your film is potentially better than having only exposition.

My advice for the future would just be to hone your storytelling. Combine that with your burgeoning technical skillset and you could be a team to beat in the future.

TITLE REVIEW: The Run is appropriate. Nice job.