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Note: The film is called "Watercress".

Simple premise here - a couple of young women take their dogs for a walk by a river in order to get some watercress, I won't spoil the ending.

I'm going to take a wild guess here and suggest that this film was unfinished? That is a shame because to begin with there were some nice shots that looked great.

Better luck next year!

probably the most direct and to the point take on the genre we will ever see?

starts with a rather drawn out getting ready sequence and ends with someone getting soaked when a dune buggy type craft blasts down the river bed.

the simplicity of this film made me laugh. not really a story to say, just a set up and pay off?

some pretty shots throughout.

Aw man that went by so quick! You guys had some great shots in here, it was so peaceful at the start and then BAM holy hell what a tone change and then -- aw its over. You guys got some skill I hope next year you give us a little more.

The team took a short sharp take on the genre which was unexpected with the slow and well shot build it would have been interesting to carry on and see the effect the event had on the rest of the characters day

Alexander Jones
city manager

This has to be the most pure and wholesome interpretation of the Wrong Place/Wrong Time genre.

While you guys nailed the genre scenario itself, what we're missing here is the story surrounding the event which should be an inciting incident.

For example, what happens after the girl gets splashed? Are there any consequences? What if she was holding her friend's phone and it got wet and broke? This genre is often less about the thing that happens to the person in the wrong place at the wrong time and more about how that character deals with the situation they are now in.

TITLE REVIEW: Watercress is a very peaceful title, and for the most part this is a very peaceful film. Perhaps you could have spent more of the film's duration setting up the peaceful nature of the film only to end on a dramatic tonal shift as the girl gets splashed by the buggy?