A Time to Remember

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The Nature Run Amok Movie
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Something coming out of the dark causes terror for a group of young women.

A lot happened in the dark at the start of this film which didn't help establish clearly what your story was. The other thing that might have helped with that was a script! Much of the dialogue seemed improvised which then resulted in a fair bit of "reaction repetition" eg OMG. The found footage style would have worked if you'd sustained it but it flipped between styles and this doesn't help to give a film direction. Next time, try to throw a bit more light at your subjects - you can do it with everyday objects such as phones! Your ending was super intriguing - more of this please! In fact you film could have started with that shot!

You had some good moments with the shaky cam around that swing. Storywise I was pretty confused and a lot of that comes down to just not really being able to see or hear what you guys were talking about. Establishing at least one character may have helped with this, but it was sort of like - some girls were jumping around in the dark, then a character goes missing, and I'm not even sure if we saw who that character was before they dissapeared. This definately seems to be a case of you guys knowing exactly what is going on and hoping the audience sees what you see. Next year your goal is definately one around coherency, and making sure you stick the landing with the story points so everybody can follow along.

to be honest I could not understand what was going on at any point of this film

except for the scene where the all decided to call it a day and go to sleep. that was all pretty clear and coherent, because the characters explained that they were going to go sleep, then we saw them asleep, then we saw them wake up.

not sure what it added to the film, but I could at least follow that section which is more than I can say for the other parts of the film.

Have been watching this team for a few years now and sound level issues continue to disrupt the experience, and the overall story could be clearer, basic things like why are the three characters sleeping in a small office and not beds really take away from the reality the film is trying to portray

Alexander Jones
city manager

Hmm. Pretty difficult to understand in a lot of places, I think you needed to make your audio/visual component more of a priority.

You all clearly had a lot of fun and it would have been cool to see that come through on screen in your storytelling.

TITLE REVIEW: I can't really figure out if A Time to Remember is a good title or not because I didn't really follow the plot.