Emotionless, Emotionlots

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The Opposites Attract Movie
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A cool, skater dude puts to the test the authenticity of a robot he encounters walking along the same street.

Nice humour in this and some solid acting by the two leads; especially given the amount of dialogue they had to chew through. The robot make-up/costume was super cool and the general idea of these two teaming up showed some understanding of the genre. Next time, invest in a microphone and spend some time balancing out your audio.

Great start to the first CHCH heat!

This was such a great film to kick the evening off. You guys had some well written dialogue between the two leads. The makeup on the robot was brilliant. For next year I'd definately say you gotta invest in making sure your audio is balanced - loud unchecked audio can be distracting from the work you put into the story.

Fun film, cute title.

Yep, audio as has been mentioned, but my other note was around putting on a ‘movie accent’ just speak using your own voice

The costume was great! And did someone get spray pained? Yikes.

Highlight of the movie for me was when the robot was taught the human experience by way of being bullied.

Good costumes and some funny moments this team could work on the sound levels, and some more dynamic and wider shots, I didn't specifically notice any of the compulsory elements which could either be good or bad and tropes of the genre could have been stronger, there would have been more time to develop the story further without the montage overall it was enjoyable and looked fun

Alexander Jones
city manager

Hello, city manager AJ here
This film was a great start to the year. This was the first 2019 48Hour film I watched and it was everything a high school team's film should be: funny, simple easy to follow.

My favourite part was when the human called the robot "ya ding dong". I can tell that line would have been hilarious during the sleep deprived edit on the Sunday.

Make-up was awesome, really made this film stand out. As with most teen teams (actually most 48hours teams in general) my main note would be around the technical side. Upskill your filmmaking, get better gear and learn how to use it, because there's a clear understanding of story structure here which could take a more experienced team far.

TITLE REVIEW: Emotionless, Emotionlots is really silly, I love it.