Bless You

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The Time Travel Movie
Bay of Plenty > 02

Whilst sinking Vs on the couch, a young couple discover a creepypasta of elevator time travel online, which the girlfriend is skeptical of despite having the whole thing explained in an awful lot of detail, such as how not to get stuck in the past by pushing buttons in a particular order. From here despite the threat of a creepy malevolent spirit also being in the mix, the young lady decides in the middle of the night it will be a good idea to put the silly urban myth to bed.

I particularly liked the sound design in this film, with eery ambiance that matched the creepy sinister vibe of the proceedings. I also thought the set design was well done because whilst being a bit grey/drab/desaturated, the team knew how to frame shots well and made sure that the background at least had something to provide contrast.

The areas that brought the film down in my estimation were definitely the start, as despite utilising multiple angles, having the characters sit down on a couch drinking sponsors product with expository dialogue for the opening 2 minutes or so of the film did reduce my engagement as a viewer. There were also a handful of minor audio pops. Also whilst I liked the camerawork for the most part, there was coverage in this film that definitely did not drive the story forward, resulting in a feeling of the film trying to aim for the 5 minutes run time rather than letting the story breathe.