Burgled on high

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The Musical OR Dance Movie
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I don't have any quams with getting musical, if I was dissapointed by anything it was not being prepared to have full on instumentals to back up the songs we wrote. This isn't a crime film we reluctantly adapted into a musical it's a musical. We wrote the songs and then filled the story in later.

A couple face the threat of home invaders they believe are after (among other things) an original Playstation.

The double-whammy – ULTRA split-screen and Musical/Dance. You’ve certainly had a great crack at it. I liked the simple set-up here – it’s an efficient story with relatable moments that is nicely acted by the two leads. The songs themselves are good, with mostly story related lyrics. However, the singing isn’t always the strongest and therefore there’s a lack of punch to the music. In some places the sync is out a bit but you tried to do a lot with your split-screening so it seems there was a lot of double sync work you had to do. Sometimes it did feel you were just filling a side of the split-screen because you had to, as not all of what we were seeing revealed anything much to us or added to the story.

Enjoyed it and lots of respect for again completing this double-whammy. So much work.


It doesn't appear that you were thrilled to get the musical genre but a reasonable crack. Not sure the use of the split-screen was particularly inspired but as you were required to do it, it is what it is. Story was quite enjoyable. I think it would have been better if it wasn't a musical but that wasn't an option. I think there's a template here to make something similar in another year if you get a suitable genre such as crime.