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The Buddy Movie
Auckland > 09

im on the fence with this one. as i was chatting to my team after the finals. I like to see something simple, executed well, rather than something complex, executed poorly. this film was inbetween. it was very ambitious and the use of split screen was great, a constant zoom into a screen while character moments are happening and the the screen transitions into the next shot through the screen. the story was simple, yet effective.

but there were a lot of technical moments that took me out of the film. the chroma keying errors, the green screen computer monitor popping up in long shots, tracking markers taking up the full screen at one point. also characters walking in front of the effect and not having time to Rotoscope the effect behind them.

I applaud them for trying a complex shot out, hey i guess this is what the competition is for, experimentation and trying new things. great work