Carboes and Daneman battle evil

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The Time Travel Movie
Auckland > 06

goodness gracious, what a way to end the night, my rating here is purely on my laughter alone. as the film was not very coherent or put together especially well. It seemed though everyone had a blast making this film. and the sillyness and randomness was great. it seemed like a super budget Kung fury. great laughs all round, i think if this team keeps doing what their doing and practicing, they will have a big comedic future in this competition

The funniest of the movie of the night, not through well-written dialogue or clever punchlines, just fun, unadulterated silliness.

One detail that pushes this into the realm of genius; near the start there's a cut that leaves a few seconds of silence and darkness between shots. At first, the audience wondered if the projector had broken until the movie resumed. Then it happened again. And again. Until every shot was followed by a beautifully awkward pause that became hilarious through repetition and also gave the audience time to laugh after each goofy special effect.

I can't tell if the people who made this are secret geniuses or idiot savants, either way, this movie killed the audience with laughter. Ka Pai!

I miss seeing more batshit-insane stuff like this in the 48hours. I would be lying if I said I thought this was the best film of the night, but it may very well have been my favourite. Madness! I love it!

I might be the only one who genuinely didn’t enjoy this movie.

I have to completely disagree with Joshua, I thought the constant cut to blacks were incredibly distracting and ruined your pacing. It made it look like you just didn’t shoot enough and were trying to stretch out your material, and it gave the film an awkward trailer like feeing.

Silliness is always welcome in 48Hours, but it’s only when you marry that with storytelling that you will get a really great short film.

For example, I’d encourage you to have a look at Toot Toot’s films. They have been Christchurch finalists for the past couple of years, and have a great sense of silly comedy and clever storytelling that I think you’d enjoy.