Shoot to Kill

Average: 2.2 (3 votes)
The Secret Identity Movie
Auckland > 06

this film was ok, i didn't know if it was suppose to be funny or serious, some action felt comedic, but the interrogation scene was very serious. very bland main character, who didnt have anything interesting driving him. or nothing that the audience could relate to attach to. its tough to get character in such a short time. his trigger discipline on the gun was driving me a bit mad also. the twist was cool, but maybe a bit predictable. and the russian guy's run around the crate was funny. ending was very abrupt.

Well directed visually, particularly the chase and interrogation, but the story was predictable, even with the audio making the dialogue hard to make out (an issue with many of the films this year). If the team can write a stronger story and some better sound equipment, I'd like to see what they make next year.

The problem with this movie is that you’ve tried to fit a feature length script idea into five minutes. Keep it simple stupid. That’s the best way to tell a story, especially when you’re so limited on time.

Your strength seems to be in the action/chase scenes, so I’d encourage you to keep leaning into that, while staying focussed on a simple story with relatable characters.