Go Run Hide

Average: 2.4 (3 votes)
The Real Time Movie
Auckland > 06

I only clicked and realised what was happening in this film after talking with some friends after the screening. it migh have been only me, but i didnt get that the two events were happening simultaneously and one was in the kids imagination, perhaps if the kids had some clothing or props that translated to the imagination, i could have connected better. of maybe filming one with a different filter or colour effect to differentiate. Other than that. it was a basic chase scene with no real character or story to it.

A well-shot chase that doesn't really come alive until the very ending which recontextualises everything. A clever idea but the bulk of the film is just ok.

After getting a little bored with the long and slow chase scene, I started to suspect a “cops & robbers” type situation. I was delighted to see the way you executed the reveal. If only the chase itself were a little more thrilling.