The only way

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The Buddy Movie
Auckland > 06

Very well-shot and heartwarming. My only complaint was the dialogue was difficult to hear, particularly near the end when a crucial piece of exposition is given and I couldn't make it out. That said, even without hearing every word, this tale of sisters on a journey still managed to stir some strong emotions.

Unfortunately was a bit hard to follow due to low audio levels, particularly from the younger actress, but definitely has some good ideas and shows solid potential from this little team.


For me, I don't understand why they couldn't just drive and instead chose to walk; was there an apocalyptic backdrop to the film that I was missing? Story ups-and-downs wise it was solid, even if it was a bit hollywood - like others have said, better audio would've been great. Amazing cinematography the whole way through.

Scott Doar

The story was a little hard to follow mostly due to the sound being a bit quiet. generally you want to get the microphone as close to the speaking as possible but that can be really difficult if your only option is the in-built mic in the camera so i totally understand the difficulty there. The performances by both girls however were the standouts of the heat! both very natural and believable infront of the camera. great job guys cant wait to see what you come back with next year.