Why so Frosty?

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The Holiday Movie
Auckland > 06

this film was a little hard to understand at first. though there was not enough mystery to keep my attention held, as i did not really understand the plan. the shots were very simple, and acting was ok.

The best thing about this movie was the excellent set design, which really told a story all by itself. My main issue was the main character spends most of the movie in his office by himself with no one to talk to, so not a lot happens until his coworker invites him out to the Christmas party near the end.

Might’ve been more impressive if it was all in one take, but when you choose to have a limited setting, with essentially one real time scene, and you still choose to make a lot of cuts, they tend to feel unmotivated and unnecessary. I would’ve loved if you’d honed in more on your actor’s performance as that was what was driving your film. Also would’ve been worth figuring out an audio set up that could do justice to his dialogue.


You had the makings of a great film in the first 10 seconds. I feel like a quick let down was the audio on him not being buttery crisp which I think would've been really effective for what you were going for. Also the showing of the adjacent walls that didn't have the amazing set design quickly tore the film's reality away (I think you could've even gotten away with keeping just that wall set designed and by just steering the camera away from them more?)

I liked the idea that it was just a snippet in to this guys' life and hence it didn't need any resolve/conclusion, but to pull this off it probably needed all these technical elements to work together. I think this team is on there way to making great things.

Scott Doar

This film to me felt a bit like you reeeaaalllyyy wanted to do a "one room" film. However for that to work you really need a very compelling story, very compelling characters and the story needs to reveal itself piece by piece rather than all at once otherwise the audience is left waiting for something to happen for two thirds of the film. The set design for the film was great and informed the character and what his mission was. This is the type of film that makes for a great learning curve. cant wait to see what you come back with next year.