Pool Hoppers

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The Wrong Place / Wrong Time Movie
Auckland > 06

this was Technically very well done. well some bits were done technically well. the Audio was very off and scratchy in some places, and it was hard to hear important dialogue to the story, so i didnt really know what was happening. though the highlight for this film was the brilliant oner (one take shot) all through the house, it would have been fun to plan and execute (forgive the pun)

Great work

Unfortunately my least favourite of the heat. The story is about two dumb teens breaking-and-entering a home in which a murder is taking place. A fun idea but it doesn't introduce it's killer or victims clearly and devolves into random screaming and anonymous corpses, not to mention one really long shot showing off the posh house they got to film in.

One thing I did appreciate was the attempt to shoot this film in seemingly one take which would have taken some careful coordinating.

This one was interesting because the choreography and camera work was REALLY well done, but it fell flat in other areas. I didn't really understand what was going on exactly... I'm not sure if this was some intentional Lynchian vibe you were going for, but it could have done with a clearer story. The quality of the camera work seems at odds with the quality of the footage... next time try to source a better quality camera, better lighting, possibly colour grading.

An excellent one shot. Well planned and skilfully executed, with believable and well timed performances.

It’s a real injustice though that such an excellent shot couldn’t have been as good looking or sounding as it deserved - if you had nailed these technical elements, I think you would’ve impressed your audience a lot more.


I really liked this film. The audio was of course a let down from the get go, but technical quality aside, I really liked the story and continuous one take - I can only imagine the behind the scenes coordination on that. The last shot was predictable and could've been changed for a bit more audience likability, not sure to what though. A suggestion: I know you were trying to keep up the one take, but some cuts to the odd close up wouldn't of gone a miss - like when he's getting drowned in the pool (I personally wouldn't have judged the breaking of the take).

Scott Doar

This film was one of may favourites of the night. One takes are notoriously hard. especially ones that move from room to room and switch from character to character but you guys pulled it off exceptionally well. the sound was the only real let down and i kinda wish the little scene at the start could have been part of the one take.great performances aswell. the laughter thrown in with the music was also very creepy just wish it could have somehow tied in with the killers character.