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The Generation Gap Movie
Auckland > 05

A family goes camping and at first think it will be lame - but end up having a fantastic time looking at the stars.

Cute film. Some cool editing and nice slow motion shots, a lot of care went into the production of this. The story could've used a bit more to it in order to really land, and overall it could've been a little pacier - but it was a solid effort. Well done on wrangling so many kids - loved the sad little girl's Charlie Brown walk!


I loved the tent blowing in the wind!! The story was nice but For some reason I thought this was the coming of age movie!! Haha I think I was lost for most of the night!!
I loved the stars on the iPhone I thought that was very cool!!

Good job guys. I was hoping we were going to jump to grandpas car a bit more, that was hilarious. I see the generation gap(s) within your story and it is relatable, to me at least. Good on you guys for going outside too and not limiting yourself to and inside set.


The use of the elements like the overhead shot, wind, laughter and double take were really good. It could’ve been linked to the genre more.


A sweet generation-gap film with some good production value. The kids were endearing and I liked the final payoff. I couldn't help thinking about a recent Spark commercial with similar storyline about tearing kids away from their phones... But I definitely enjoyed this more