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The Real Time Movie
Auckland > 05

Very cool story guys!! I thought in beginning here we go a movie about making a movie!! Lol I actually thought it was your intro until it kept going!! I actually ended up really enjoying this number!! You guys had my vote!!


A team tries to figure out what sort of 48 Hours film to make.

This is an extremely classic 48 Hours idea... I've seen it maybe a dozen times over the years! But this one gets an extra star for saying "I wish we got musical!" and then having a the beginnings of a legit musical number. I kind of wish you'd got musical too!

This was really well done. I've got to see what other teams did with this genre. It was almost predictable what was coming but then it wasn't predictable because your film just became enjoyable to watch, and then when the reveal came, I forgot that's where I saw it going in the first place. Meaning job well done and it distracted me from the ending enough to keep me entertained. I know some people in the audience next to me voted for you guys.


It was a really cool concept relating to real time! I really liked how you guys incorporated the elements needed like the wind. It was just that the double take wasn’t really seen. Great job though!


I guess this one wasn't for me... I'm not a fan of the meta 48hrs film. It did win me over in some parts that showed comedic timing and creativity, but overall it still felt like a bit of a cop-out on the real-time premise, which is basically a blank check to do something ambitious.