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The Science Fiction Movie
Auckland > 05

This was a well thought out storyline. I enjoyed the theme and thought the ending was great. You guys had my vote tonight!!


A couple use a device which plays music that reflects your mood.

Some good performances in this. The main reason the rating is low is that the ending implied that a man in jail would be raped by another man. Coming up with a more creative, less harmful ending would've helped your film stand out and feel less dated.

Yep, got the genre reference pretty quickly and it made sense. The type for every emotion / situation was good. Then it got dark, and the acting was well done there which made it real dark. Whilst that was quite good, not sure if it sat well with me, so your production there did its job. Then it had the final reveal which I wanted to laugh at but I was still coming down from the anxiety of the previous scene(s). So yep, very well done.


Have to agree with CatFan here, the ending was a bit tone-deaf in 2019. There's plenty of jokes to be made about a device that selects "mood" music for you, but we only start getting them towards the end and I reckon it got needlessly dark. Well shot and well-acted, I would've liked to have seen more comedy squeezed out of that premise and prehaps in a different direction.