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The Buddy Movie
Auckland > 05
Ran out of time really badly this year, didn't do a final edit, cut out a bunch of the coolest shots, and then just dropped the music over everything and hit render even though I knew it screwed up what was left of the dialog. Once we missed the deadline we probably should have gone home and tightened up the edit and put the dropped shots back in then done a better job including the (original) music and delivered the next day, but it's not always going to go well when you take a risk on ultra so I thought it was more honest to just put this smoking wreck in and eat the consequences.

You guys are obviously very talented movie makers!


A man goes to the toilet while supported by his 4-year-old bodyguard.

A very cute performance from the little lead boy, adorable to see! Also some cool effects. The narrative wasn't super clear, but it had some creative use of split-screen.

Ahhh... you guys are the quintessential quirks of the 48hr. Ever since I am Ball I love seeing what you come up with. And those that know, know your intro reference. I might have laughed too early as your made as part of 48hr... came up early. And I thought yes! Smack the audience in the face with a wet fish. But then you continued to smack us with a dry one. My reference meaning your dry humour. I love dry humour. Another great outing by F oh F.


Whacky with a suprisingly good payoff and undoubtedly impressive for an Ultra 48hrs! Issues that you have mentioned with sound and limited shots aside, I thought it was delightful! If only we all had a bit more time...