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The Coming-of-Age Movie
Auckland > 05

Work on your guys sound next time, it can make a movie hard to watch.


A girl in isolation tries to figure out who in her world is really real.

Nice performances from the two girls in this one, but the fluctuating audio levels made it tough to concentrate on the story. But the story arc still made sense, and it was nice to see the creation of a "cell"-like room rather than just using an ordinary flat as a location like many 48 Hour films do.

Well done guys. Probably others have said it and I haven't read other reviews before adding mine. The sound needed a little tweeking. The concept made sense even if just a little predictable in the end but good job


Nicely executed coming-of-age that shows some creative flair and acting chops. I would've liked to have seen an exploration of how long she's been here or why she's trying to break out now - Can't help feeling that most the stuff of her trapped was filler, not that it was boring. I liked the mysterious scientist. Sound issues drifted into "unintentional comedy" at points.