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The Holiday Movie
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I enjoyed this movie!! Haha and in such a short time you were able to build suspense!!! I actually got a genuine fright from this movie!!


Two teens go investigate a building and come up against a slasher.

This team made a solid effort in trying to build suspense - at one point I genuinely did jump from shock! Overall though, the audio made it tough to hear the dialogue and the narrative wasn't clear, so I'm not 100% on what the story was.

The line "That better have been the wind!" got a good laugh from the very element-aware crowd, as did the shot where you could clearly see the camera man in the reflection. Good on ya!

Good job team. Whilst I got what was going on it took me a while to marry it to your genre. Was the friend a robot? with the wires out of his neck? And yes probably the whole audience jumped at the scare scene so that came off really well.


I got a slasher where was my holiday film?!! Hahaha I appreciate the effort in this one and liked some shots and moments (overhead shot was nicely used for suspense!) but I was waiting the whole time for a plot twist (preferably holiday-themed) which never came. Just something at the end about a foster family or a twin, that was too quick/late for me to understand! The massive empty complex was a great setting but I couldn't help wishing it was at night...