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Average: 2.3 (5 votes)
The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Auckland > 05

A group of school girls explain the ways their school works in a mockumentary style film.

This film had some really hilarious moments in it - well done! Some great performances by teenage girls giving it their all. Loved the fire drill scene, everyone's screaming was on point. Although the narrative point of the story wasn't super clear and the production value could've been higher, it was still a very funny watch and I hope that this team keeps working together.

"Stick the knowledge right in you" was a fantastic line by the way!


I really enjoyed the idea of this movie!! The main girl was great!!

Well done guys. The story made sense and had some degree of flow about it. Lots of laughs in the right places that were spot on.


The concept was really good! It was just the transitions from one scene to another was a bit messy. Also, the audio could’ve been louder since we didn’t really hear the people who went in the school. But overall, it was funny and cringe.


Resourceful 48hrs with a lot of energy and fast-paced gags! The characters were all there but I didn't really get a sense of a story, just a short scenes. Next year I suggest working with what you've got more strategically to up your production value - don't shoot in cavernous echoing halls, put thought into lighting (thought I did see one light!), costume etc

Also I would've liked more "gross-out"!