The Gust

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The Nature Run Amok Movie
Auckland > 04

Couldn’t tell if the off-sync stuff was intentional or not given the audiences reaction.

The VFX was absolutely on point though. Those freaky flying killers looked super convincing.


The whole first half is a chaotic mess teenage fever dream for the youtube generation but the end was so technically amazing that Im left questioning what I saw at the start of the film. Was the epic sound and visual fails all on purpose? I dont know. Is this art? Probably.

If you've ever had a film screen with the kinds of sound issues this team had to deal with, then you will be feeling for them while watching this. It the stuff of nightmares, I tell you. The sound cutting out completely at times, being wildly out of sync other times, and then a weird doubling effect for the remainder made this a difficult film to follow properly. There were some nice moments but things escalated much more quickly than the film seemed prepared for and it got a bit confusing as to what was happening and why.

They looked like they had a good time so I hope they stick with it and return next year, knowing how to avoid the catastrophes that befell them.