Hart & Soul

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The Buddy Movie
Auckland > 04

Two detectives, Hart & Soul, are forced to work together to solve crime, it works so well that their boss decides they need an additional partner. Much hilarity ensues

As always Chess Club impress with another slick production and great acting. Wouldn't be surprised to see it in the finals.

Chess Club are a national treasure.

Their instinct for genre-satirizing comedy is on show in this tight, funny, buddy-cop parody. They do not disappoint.

A lot of fun, with great gags, acting and editing. Team intro felt unnecessary considering you sort of had two of them.


Great work as usual!

Chess Club never fail to deliver. It's such a dumb film, but when you truly commit to a dumb concept the world gets turned upside down and dumb becomes brilliant. This is just such an example.

A parody within a parody of the buddy cop genre that then gets parodied even further at the end, all done with a smile and a wink. Was it their greatest story ever? No, it had some holes but everything was all done with such raging charm that I could barely care less. Always a fun time!