Split Squad

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The Opposites Attract Movie
Auckland > 04

The story follows a senior EMS a rookie, as they go about their day helping people get through there incidents.

If nothing else, this team should win best team intro - it was hilarious! I enjoyed the film and thought it was an interesting premise and well shot and acted. Nice work

Great intro. I’m guessing someone works on National TV? Well acted and nicely shot, a definite stand out in the heat, although the story didn’t quite meet the mark of some of the others in this heat. A great effort!

Gabe Lunte

First off - the team intro was fantastic.

The film's literal interpretation of the "opposite's attract" genre provided an interesting lens through which to examine the current climate of over-polarized politics and beliefs. The mockumentary Police 10-7 format is a tried-and-true 48Hours approach. Overall - I thought it was a clever premise that maybe missed an opportunity to make a deeper commentary or statement.

I have no idea what was happening in this movie but I loved every second of it.


I missed the genre on the team info card thingy so when the film started I was a little confused as to what the heck was going on but as the film continues it became clear and I really loved the premise. BTWF are a great team adn this years film was really nicly shot and acted with a cool script. Sometimes Mockumentary can seem like an easy choice for 48 hours but if you do it well then its all good, this one is all good.

This was a really interesting take on the genre. I love that about 48 hours where teams try to subvert the expectations and end up with something crazy and original. This was exactly one of those situations. The story itself was a bit thin in places but it held together well enough that the concept was able to shine through and keep the audience engaged nicely.

Years ago it seemed like every other team went with the mockumentary route and it just wore on you, but now that they're not the hot ticket anymore it allows films like this to shine without the baggage.

Great performances in the most literal use of 'opposites attract' I've ever seen. Technically solid and all round enjoyable little film.