Like Nobody's Watching

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The Musical OR Dance Movie
Auckland > 03

A dance that has to be perfect but someone is causing problems because they can't remember their moves.

A great take on the genre and as always the camera work and acting was on point. Some very nicely acted and shot scenes and the editing was very smooth and added to the drama. Will be interesting to see how the audience receives it review-wise as it did definitely push the envelope on the dance genre. Well done team!

This was a class above, with some beautiful cinematography, powerful and sublime acting portrayed mainly through inner dialogue and emotion. All of the actors’ carrying this through with aplomb. Great setting that complemented an inventive take on the genre. Definitely at least City Finalist. Fantastic work.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film for the most part, and thought it was a very clever use of genre, but unfortunately I felt that this team didn’t go as far as they could have. I was expecting an epic, musically timed stabbing sequence, that would really have paid off the tension that was building up to that moment. And while I don’t dislike the way the story ended, I felt that it its execution was a little anti-climactic, and underwhelming from such a proven team.

Chillybox have set the bar so very high. I can honestly say, for me, "like nobody's watching" is my absolute favourite. The rythmnic drone of a metronome builds into a looming score which guides us through the film. The performances were subtle, effective and just amazing. As per, the cinematography is incredible, filled with palpable loneliness and a dreadful sense of isolation. I was entranced from begining to heart breaking end.

What an achievement. Phenomenal.

This might be my favourite film of theirs so far. Beautifully bleak. Such a great use of genre. They are such artful film craftspeople. Everything they put on screen is deliberate and well done. I loved how strong the storytelling in this film was, for a short with no dialogue. A very skilled and well polished team. Obviously Im a big fan.


To envision this film in pre-production with the unique rhythm and style of the film was beyond incredible. Love the camera work as usual and the acting was brilliant. The use of the genre was very different and original. The main concept does seem slightly basic and even though executed well, it wasn't the most daring and adventurous idea.


I'm torn on this one...
Again, their technical and performance work was amazing. Really good to see such strong performances and captivating story idea, especially in a non-dialogue film.
Great take on the dance genre, although, whether intentional or not, reminded me perhaps a little too much instantly of the show 'The OA'.
This had a great build-up, very tense, very eerie, however the ending didn't quite live up to all that precedes it. I just wanted that tiny bit more information in the story to truly "get it". A little too open to interpretation, though I get the feeling that might be the point...

It must suck to be a national winner. Lots of pressure to perform, etc. And then you get the genre of death. What are you going to do?

Redefine what a dance film can be, that's what!

I really, really loved this film. I've heard some people complaining that it wasn't a dance film, but rather a film with dancing. A criticism I myself have leveled at other films. Well to anyone who thinks that, they are just flat wrong. The music was constant, the rhythm permeating through every frame. The dance told the story. It might not be so outwardly over the top as say a Carey Grant film, but it was definitely a dance film.

It was shot so well and performed so well and I didn't see the disturbing ending coming. The fact that this did not get the audience award makes me sad.

Such great atmosphere and slick production values. One of my favs

I finally got to see this at the national finals. Chillybox back again with a fittingly hyped entry.

The first shot had me floored. I was so ready to call this film the best of the night. The first two minutes or so were like entering into, I feel, the future of film making. The use of rhythm and the reinvention of 'the dance movie' worked incredibly well. There was incredible creativity and impressive use of technical elements. The music building with the organ, I was ready.

And then... the movie fell flat on its face. The ending, in my opinion, is unacceptably anticlimactic. This is why A Familiar Feeling (a film which otherwise does not live up to this one) probably won -- it had a much more striking note to end on. This film is lyrical and dances between moments and, though it often has issues with portraying clearly what is happening, has found a way to tell a story while treading the fine line of contemporary and experimental. But the ending was so bad I genuinely thought there was some kind of production mishap and you had to piece together the stuff you had already. Maybe with all the black screen, that was really the case? The laugh was, of course, forced.

I had a end-of-the-world kind of hunch to this movie. Perhaps it's cliche, but perhaps some kind of more supernatural 'figure' would have worked better. A bright light perhaps. Something that fits better with the idea of wind striking at the dead of midnight.

Unfortunately as a big fan of The O.A. I feel this entry took a lot their cues from Brit Marling and Zal Batmangli epic O.A. series on Netflix even some of the choreography was the same. Chillybox 2018 entry was very Black Mirror'ish I think as a creative team they may have 'jumped the shark' on 48Hours BUT Their 2017 entry Timetravel Agency was very original but I fear that creative well may have all but dried up