Bird & bee

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The Coming-of-Age Movie
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Hi All, As a single person team (+ 1 very helpful assistant) I am extremely humbled to have listed in a tied 3rd place for the audience favorites. This competition is so much fun i honestly think i am going to explode with excitement!!!! Coming up with the idea, building the set, Recording the narration (in the car as a tip for great audio recording), setting the camera and taking all of my brain power to ensure i didn't knock anything during the shoot and going down the wrong path several times has been an awesome experience. Finally the idea's and learning's I have picked up from watching all your good films is also very humbling so will for sure appreciate any tips on how to improve so i can come back next year even stronger ;o) Thank you for taking time to leave a review as i will read every single one Cheers Adam

After wetting the bed "differently" from when he was a little boy, a teenager is given a helpful sex-ed book.

A cute mixture of animation styles here that deliver a sweet, albeit short coming-of-age story. The sets are well made as is the point that you shouldn't look to books for all the answers. The voice-over is charming, however, it was a bit of a shame that the audio blew-up a little at the end. Could there have been a little more to the story? Probably, but doing animation takes a lot of work , especially given the different styles you included so I understand the running time.


Really really enjoyed this in the screening room. Loved the use of stopmotion - not often used in 48 hours! Really liked how you showed the bee's story in a long one take with a lot of clever transitions - deserves a lot of respect! I reckon it could have even been nice to restrict the bedroom scene to just the top down view - the lighting was super nice and it would have been cool to see the story play it in essentially two long 'shots'. Narration felt slightly low quality in terms of the recording, maybe a new mic for next year?


I'm on a mission to see and review every 2019 film that ends up in the screening room but this was tough on a couple of levels, primarily because leaving a review requires giving a star rating. I appreciate that animation and being on a one man team is hard work and was why the runtime was so meagre. What I loved was the animation, it was superb, but I'm trying to primarily rate based on the story and there wasn't enough time to take it anywhere particularly interesting. Still I definitely see potential here and I would be excited to see what you could make in a much longer time frame or with other contributors. Perhaps you could even work on making this about 10 minutes long, I'm sure you could add much more interest.