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Sneeze of Fate

Average: 3.6 (4 votes)
The Secret Identity Movie
Auckland > 01
A little girl learns about the bogeyman from her grandpa.

I really enjoyed this crude clayanimation, I liked the twist at the end of the story. I'll pretend I didn't see it coming... But this team must have had a lot of fun, voicing the characters and bringing the world of the boogeyman to life.

Ah! Cute and fun, claymation style felt like a breath of fresh air, and looked great! Could be the best of the heat?


Respect for doing claymation animation in 48 hours with basic story, and predicable twist. Fun premise with crisp audio.


Major props to using stop motion! Nice unique take on the secret identity genre, the best outta the heat for me.

But I’m scared of sneezing now.