Hitman: Brody Guard

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The Buddy Movie
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A hitman sticks to his guns and refuses to shoot a blind man.

This film was hilarious and did a great job at hitting on all the right story tropes. Total commitment to the parts by all the young actors - fun performances, costumes and props.

Couple of very funny one-liners too, like "Foiled by a pillow again!" Can't wait to see what this team does together in the future.

This is very sugoi


This film made me laugh out loud it was like watching an episode of filthy frank on youtube. I like the use of the genre's cliche's such as the hitman having terrible one liners. From the opening scene, this film sets the tone that it's going to be filled with hilarity from the outset. The use of wooden acting and toy guns adds to this end. Its clear the team had a lot of fun putting together this film.

When he fell from the ceiling? Bro..

dy Guard


Telling stories that are unique to you is the best storytelling and your personalities made the story and character that more relatable and enjoyable to watch! Would've loved to see more development in the story, what was the moral of the story?


Funny, quirky, and it played with the genre elements. The ‘visual effects’ were a fun sight. But there were a few plot holes that never got quite wrapped up to keep the story afloat. It seemed like a good Good time anyways.