Slept In

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The Last Day on Earth Movie
Wellington > 13

So this film is pretty goddam great with its only real downfall being a loooooong opening shot of a guy in bed before manically waking up and realising they have overslept and then running like mad to get to class. Played to the connotations of being late to school so expertly that when a new character comes into the scene their equal desperation puts us as a viewer in a 'been there, copy that' scenario. Only this film isn't that. It's electrifyingly paced to the point that you almost feel the lead's heart pumping out of their chest, and geographically it actually makes sense, utilising Newtown and hills near the zoo rather than haphazardly piecing Wellington together like I've seen so many teams do over the years.

I love the fact that this year there wasn't a required line of dialogue. In the past it's felt extremely shoehorned but this year it's allowed a lot of teams to focus on their scripts in other ways, such as visual storytelling. That is the case here with no dialogue but absolutely kinetic movement and a sure hand behind the camera that amazes me it was from a high school team. Oh and the sound on this was awesome. The brekky spew, not so much.

Ruth Korver
city manager

We see our hero wake up and realise he's late. As he desperately panics we realise its probably not just for work, maybe a plane to catch? As he runs out the door he loses his car keys in a beautifully choreographed moment of "oh no"! Nevertheless he takes to his feet and sprints.. and sprints... and sprints... The lonely streets and a final desperate attack make us realise something much more is at stake and the final reveal is a perfect twist on the Last Day on Earth genre.
This film was beautifully shot - the wide framing of the street with the guy running across was fantastic. The acting was great - I feel like that actor must have been broken by the end of the shoot - there was a real sense of desperation and energy, I felt like he was running all out the whole time.
This film had an original take on the genre and didn't feel at all like a film made in 48 hours. I love it when school teams make films that put the adult teams to shame and this was one of those - It really deserved its place on the shortlist and best school win. Congratulations!