The Test Theif

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The Heist Movie
Wellington > 13

With waterguns at the hilt, a group of students swags their way down to the school office to steal some test papers for an upcoming exam. I liked the confidence that a lot of this film portrayed, although the echoey sound at times was a distraction and I feel that the camera shots could have been more dynamic as almost the entire film was ultra wide takes with very few close ups of the lively crew. It was enjoyable and I think tonally you were onto something when the characters freaked out because this started to produce some tension, an essential element for the 'heist' genre. The script could have also been tidied up as a "shut up!" screamed rebuttal was not at the same level as your impressive quip by the lead guy about wanting to marry a super hot bad ass chick. I would also be careful if using on camera sound to try and make sure that you don't have a different actor cover up the performer who is speaking whilst on screen in terms of blocking.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A group of school kids run a heist to steal test papers. Heist is a tricky genre and teams often go wild with epic heists, fake guns, accents and it's never really that believable. This team took the genre and applied it to something in their own world - their school. They were already staying there for the weekend so it makes good sense to use that location and tell a story in it. Nice work. Areas to improve would be to refine the script and dialogue a bit more and the sound wasn't great. However, some good performances and a tidy premise left me pretty satisfied.