Time After Time

Average: 2.9 (1 vote)
The Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 13

Bit of a GROUNDHOG DAY/TIMECRIMES loop here but exploring some close to home issues, as being stuck on his fated path with seemingly no way to change put our lead into the very real nightmare of having to endure the sounds of his parents fighting when he got home every time. From memory this got 4 loops and it probably looped one time too many as barely anything got mixed up in the sequence of repetition. Good self-awareness in the minimal script and I liked the open-ended ending but do feel more could have been done with the time looping. Technically sound.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Our main character is caught in a time loop where they arrive home from school to a parental argument, repeatedly, until suddenly they realise its happening. And they’re not the only one looping. I really enjoyed this film - I felt the frustration of the lead character as the loop continuously repeated and really enjoyed the surprise as we saw what they did to escape it. The second/third/fourth loops could have been shortened a bit more but otherwise the lead performance was great and some lovely camera shots.