Slaughter High

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The Splatstick Movie
Wellington > 13

Basically a piss-take slasher version of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, complete with hilarious deliberately bad dubbing for the burnout, jock and nerd stuck in detention having to write an essay. Got z-grade pretty quickly although the homage to dated one-liners had its moments such as "eat my shorts". The burnout bully was believable however moving to a cold-blooded masked serial killer with a knife so quickly was a bit of a tonal jolt, and the film kind of lost the positive atmosphere it had garnered initially when it went stabby murderous with no clear explanation that I remember.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A b-grade version of the breakfast club turns splatter as a vicious murderer stabs the high school cliches one by one. This team took some great high school movie tropes and combined them with some serious splatstick so good work on the genre-mashup that fitted perfectly for a high school team. I loved the dramatic and weird over-dubbed voices and the characters were great. It did get a bit rambly towards the end but everyone got stabbed and thats what we expect from a film called ‘Slaughter High’. Also, as a side note, i love this team name. It makes me giggle every time.