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The High School Movie
Wellington > 13

Oh man did I think long and hard about this one and still not sure how I feel, to be honest. Like, at first this seemed like the bravest sell in the comp with a lump in the throat approach as a teacher picked up a student's belongings through narration that they sometimes have to deal with tragedy. But how it played out? Like was that supposed to be comedy? Kind of a taboo/kosher area really and a bit iffy about leading the audience down the suicide path but then having a massive sidestep punchline. The first half of the film had me on the edge of my seat despite the flat camera work. Personally I think committing would have knocked everyone out, but then again it really is your film and it's such a delicate subject it's absolutely not my place to tell anyone else how to handle it because I don't know where anyone else comes from about this, and I would never ever want to say something upsetting on this subject. As it is that conclusion almost killed this for me from a film pov. Positive marks because that first half was sooo engaging.

Ruth Korver
city manager

This film follows a teacher who has come into school in the weekend to get some items for a student's family, implying that something has happened to the student. It's quite effective in capturing the audience emotionally and this build up works well with the ending, which is a clever twist on the genre. I'm not sure the ending was as effective as it could have been - it was still a sad moment and this could have perhaps been played a bit more emotionally so we didn't feel like it was just a twist, but instead gave us a sense of relief. The acting and production values aren't perfect but this film does well in taking the audience on a journey.