The Scottish Slay

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The Monster Movie
Wellington > 13

A high school MacBeth audition is quickly thrown into disarray when the name of the Shakespearean play is spoken, an act that brings a vengeful spirit to life and leaves the eclectic cast running for their lives whilst spouting delightful dialogue at the same time. The film started with some tech issues with screen tearing/glitches and the editing was very choppy at times but it developed nicely and poured life into its characters after the slow beginning. The running jokes whilst not garnering much of audience response gave the film its own unique little universe, and the commitment to Scottish jokes set the tone. Overall this had an organic feel to it and I can forgive the technical shortcomings because whoever the actor was with the googly glasses had simply incredible screen presence.

Ps. breaking the 4th wall was great!

Ruth Korver
city manager

During an audition for "That Scottish Play", someone calls it by its name. What is usually seen as bad luck in theatre is most definitely bad luck for the cast who are hunted by a wraith who floats along to distant bagpipe music. This film suffers from some technical issues and is a bit rough around the edges but the script and performances are where it succeeds. It has witty lines loaded with funny references - RP with the "Scottish Slay" and the great Deadpool moment with the hat (watch this film just for that) and the hilariously named Jackson L Jackson Junior the third that just rolls of the tongue. A nod as well to the actor in the big glasses who is the real slayer in the film.