The Story Of Jaybubz

Average: 2.2 (1 vote)
The Musical + The Wish Movie
Wellington > 13

A shooting star inspires a wannabe rapper to pursue his hip hop dream like never before. Took the piss with self-aware lyrics acknowledging what they were singing was muddled, and was one of the rare entries this year to keep the wish genre grounded in reality. I liked the fact the team showed that wishes don't really come true without hard work, as the self-proclaimed superstar to be practiced his music for a clearly good amount of time. Honest examination of the fact that your own perception of talent may not always match others. I would have given this positive marks, and understand that it was to do with the 'gangster' story but the "make you my b***h" lines were not cool at all. I appreciate musical's a tough genre so whilst the song's were ok at best, I did like the gonzo camerawork and free spirited nature to the whole thing.

Ruth Korver
city manager

The story of a terrible rapper who inexplicably manages to get a record deal because everyone he encounters is a bit of a pushover. The 'make you my b***' line was unnecessary but there were plenty of positives. This team followed the musical genre well in that the story is told through everyone 'breaking into song' as opposed to just having songs in the film. While the rap was pretty bad it was funny and self aware and it seemed like this team had a lot of fun.