The Accident

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The Anti-RomCom Movie
Wellington > 12

2 months after the death of their intermediate classmate, a group of kids try their best to get on with their lives although the trauma of the death still gets to them with the wrong homework done and distractions abounding. This was quite a brave subject matter to tackle, going for a haunting approach to how things played out whilst still trying to keep dialogue very much in the moment. Probably deserves a reframing second watch when it's in the screening room. Unfortunately the camera work whilst almost all in focus did come across a little flat; just a little bit of a bump in contrast would have helped things immensely although I do appreciate this was a very young team. The audio did also have some spikes, but the quality script was well delivered. One thing I did notice which slightly brought me out of the moment was mention of it being October and yet the school disco was announced as coming up very shortly (seemingly days away) with a 25 May date on its poster. Just something to watch out for in future. Overall positive marks for the bravery.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A lonely girl is left out of things in a busy class room. The class themselves are all sad and distracted, missing someone who has recently passed on. The reveal at the end ties it all together as the lonely girl has to face up to her new reality - she has died in an accident and noone can see her as she’s now a ghost.
This film was obviously made by a young team and we were really impressed by what you achieved. The story was brave and dealt with some serious subject matter in a convincing and mature way. It was well put together with a clear narrative and the performances were believable.
There were a few oddly repetitive shots but I’ve seen films made by experienced adults that have been less engaging so fantastic work.