Rifle Range Road

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The Monster Movie
Wellington > 11

Well well well this was kind of bloody amazing, terrifying in a WOLF CREEK/HOUNDS OF LOVE kind of way with a "holy shit!" dolly zoom moment as New Zealand backroads were highlighted with a punch to the gut. Absolutely perfect example of short film making, taking a slice of the tale and that was all it needed to send shivers down my spine. Running desperation, a woman trying to scream and a maniacally sinister driver. Goddam.


Great start but then ended as quickly as it started. Another film here a female is tied up and kidnapped is disappointing. Was a little confused when the film finished and then started up again. I guess this team had issues over the weekend and lost some of their footage? it felt like there was a lot missing.
Wish we saw more. if we had it would've been one of the best of the heats.

Holy. Shit. Blew the audience away.
Short. Sweet. Cinematography. Color grading.

I wanna see this get an award. City finals, at the very least.

Ruth Korver
city manager

I think I've said before that I love me a super short short. Rifle Range Road is another super short film that manages to have a beginning, middle and end, surprise us, terrify us and also look great, all in one tight package.
The film opens with someone running down a long road, at first it appears they are fleeing but then it is revealed that they are chasing a car with a kidnap victim. We feel the struggle as they try to keep up and are despairing at the futility of it as the car pulls away. Who are these people? Where is she being taken? We never find out - this film is about a tight and intense moment of fear and despair.
My only comment is that the epilogue wasn't that necessary and maybe a touch more clues about the characters could have deepened the emotional effect. But great work otherwise and proof positive that the 5 minute mark is not a target.