Finding Love

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The Musical + The Anti-RomCom Movie
Wellington > 11

Mockumentary about a would-be romantic and his quest for love...and I kind of liked it! (Shock, horror to all the steelpotato haters and my history of mocko roasting haha). We see that our young gentleman has been saving his best music for a special lady, and the way that he thinks a full blown serenade that comes as close to a marriage proposal as possible without actually being one the first time he sees his special lady in person. Just wow. Really committed performance here let down by some slightly hissy audio.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A mockumentary about a young man who is passionate about music and works part time at Bunnings. He's trying to find love and is working on a song for his special girl online. His performance is very intense and more than a little full on. She's a bit put off and he is left alone and bereft.
Lots of mockumentaries get a bit static and boring but this one felt authentic, with the lead character being quite loveable and earnest. HIs flatmate was a fantastic wingman and the source of some wonderful comedy as well. Nice use of puddle.