Last Call for Milkshakes

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The Last Day on Earth Movie
Wellington > 11

I just want to say to Felicity, Tim and NITRO 48hours, congrats on your film for 48Hours. I honestly don't know what you were worried about. You did a fantastic job and your cast was a delight. And the story was simple but presented wonderfully... as for the end... wowee. That was sad... look forward to next years!

Awesome stuff here NITRO. A touching, beautifully acted little gem as a survivalist girl yearns with longing for the ability to go back and do things differently in her life. Framing was on point and the happy diner memories with her best friend provided a depth to the lead actress that most other films could only dream of. The friendship was conveyed so strongly that it was a bit heartbreaking knowing that we were witnessing the last day on earth. I really liked how the reality of truth or dare was portrayed as well, because in all honesty when young people play that deeply personal revealer they are not always ready. Moved me.


It took me awhile to get what was going on but I thought the story worked and the idea and spin on last day on earth was really good but it wasn't very clear when watching the film what the film was going for. If you managed to tell the story and idea a little better this film would have been really awesome because it go everything else right. The composition audio, actors and locations were all great. I can't imagine how hard it would be to do ultra and you managed to pull of a really solid film and really good performances for kids which is amazing really awesome job.


Its difficult to have a film where kids are the lead actors so I appreciated this film for that ULTRA element.
The concept was great and relevant. The ending felt a little dramatic and technically wasn't as polished as I had expected for an ultra team. But good performance by the actresses.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A story about what you might regret if it was your last day on earth. This film was a charming little number and its good to see the 48Hours baton being passed onto the next generation Tim. There were some lovely moments here and the interaction between the friends was heart-warming. Some of the present day footage didn't have the same quality of framing as the memory sequences but the contrast between then and now helped that work.