Help! My Roommate's A Cultist!

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The Splatstick Movie
Wellington > 11
Lexa Dixon

Absolutely loved it. Definitely my kinda film. Loved it's class... To be honest, the only off putting thing was the added sound effects of the audience... it was a great idea and original, but personally for me it was off putting. Putting that aside it was a great idea, excellent cast and a great story!


Loved the concept, it was really funny, original and fit the genre really well, there were a lot of little jokes in there which were great. The acting was good. I thought the concept was a little let down by the execution, some shots being out of focus, audio hick ups. I also was not a fan of the laugh track and it detracted from the tone and slap stick elements.

loved the concept, humour was well placed, and the actors were great! Some very cool shots as well, the opening with the headless body was some clever framing and the final shot with the head being pulled out was a great use of silhouette and practical effects!
Pointers for next year would be better sound and tightening up on the camera focus! All in all a great lil film

A canned laughter tv show where the 'normal' office worker is blissfully unaware that his flatmate is a murderous cultist. Tar black comedy with a lot of puns, the cultist held the striking intensity for his role particularly well and the makeup and gore in the film was of high quality. The Hamilton joke got a massive guffaw although there were some significant technical issues in particular shots having completely different lighting from one cut to the next (in the same scene). I think given the one-joke nature of the film a lot more could have been brought to the table from a storytelling point of view as whilst the start of a friendship developed, it felt fleeting.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A fairly hilarious tv-esque comedy about a man who is oblivious to his flatmate's murderous. cultist ways but the audience is in on the joke.

Loads of hilarious near misses as he nearly sees dead bodies and blood followed by the climax where his workmates come over the through a weird misunderstanding the flatmate begins to kill them all one by one.

There were some focus issues and I'm not sure it needed the canned laughter as the audience seemed to be providing plenty of lols. I also thought the man and the flatmate could have developed a closer friendship, would have been more interesting. Good performances and original use of genre so even if it wasn't perfect it was definitely a good watch.