Dirty Laundry

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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Wellington > 11

You had a really awesome location which made your film stand out and a solid story which was really funny and overly dramatic. I feel however the quality was a little inconsistent, which is definitely something that is going to happen in 48 hour but sometimes the audio was great and other times I couldn't understand what they were saying or sometimes the composition was a little weak or the shot out of focus and other times you had great well thought out visually interesting shots. I especially liked the opening shot. It took me awhile to get every element in the story but I eventually got it and it really just added to the over the top dramatic wackiness of it all. I don't remember seeing the elements which probably could be Incorporated in better. great job, one of the better films of the heat.

Given 48hours to kill her target by a vary watchful boss, a professional killer instead falls head over heels for her laundromat manager target. Knowing each other's name be damned this showed awareness of its tropes so well I'd arguably call it a parody. Really quite charming with a down to earth heart. Gave life to ordinary places and situations with deadpan comedic delivery of the script and a very very memorable boss; that creepy check up at her house was hilarious. Owed a lot to Romeo and Juliet and just a bit too static for my liking but slayed the crowd and was highly enjoyable overall.


Definately one of the better films of the night. Dry humour and a great location to film in. Had a few sound issues which made it difficult to hear a lot of the dialog, but still an enjoyable film.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A hitwoman is given the task of taking out a charming yet awkward laundromat owner, Greg. Greg falls for her and she reciprocates, but her watchful boss threatens her if she doesn't kill him. She tells Greg they must leave and goes to collect her things. Romeo and Juliet style, she finds him apparently dead on her return and drinks bleach. Sadly he is still alive and finds her body, drinks bleach too and joins her in death.
This film didn't seem to take itself too seriously which I enjoyed - it was quite corny and things such as Greg proposing despite not knowing her name were all good because it was funny rather than earnest. The location was refreshing and there were a few technical issues, but it played well and got quite a few laughs.