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The Technological Thriller
Wellington > 11

I thought your film contained a very interesting concept that wasn't quite executed correctly. The actress did a good job with not a lot and I liked your attempt at making some of the locations more interesting by going to the ocean but that did hurt your audio a lot. You probably spent more time on the build to the concept than the time to the concept, just jump right in. Just cut the fat and get right into the interesting stuff. I though the film also had some nice visual motifs, with the use of the mirror and the ocean location again, some shots were out of focus or not very sharp however. I would love to see how your concept effected your character more and try to incorporate the elements in better than just chucking them in a random montage that doesn't need to be there.

24 hour body swap company that turns into quite the conundrum and raised ethical issues when addiction comes into play. Tonally wild flexing from obnoxious comedy to soul searching this had a fantastic concept that I feel could have been fleshed out a bit more, but was a good parallel for how a lot of people use virtual reality to escape the mundane. If you had come in late without the long setup that certainly would have helped, because as things were this really had a mix between dragging and then rushing. The camera work being in focus 100% would have been of great benefit as well.

Ruth Korver
city manager

In the future technology allows people to live inside others for the day - a personal holiday. A lonely young woman spends a day in cheerful Mimi's body, something that becomes increasingly addictive until she spends more time there than in her own life.
This was a great idea for a technological thriller. The actors, in particular the guy who runs it all, were great and my favourite part was the use of the ocean location as the interface. There was room for improvement with the sound quality and I think that the ending was't strong. It felt like the film set up the situation and then bought up the problem of being addicted to being Mimi and then ended before any kind of climax, kind of like were watching the first half of something.